Camp 2014

This year in term 2 week 4 from the 22nd May to 23rd May, Stage 3 went on a 1 1/2 day camp to Stanwell Tops.

We went with Mrs Quealy, Ms O’Neill, Ms Corea and two parents (including my mum.)

We got to school at around 7:30-45am  and left at 8:00am sharp.

It took us around two hours, until we finally arrived at Stanwell Tops. It was now 10:30 and we went straight to a our cabins. I was in a cabin with Eloise, Caitlin and Bella. After we had finished unpacking we had morning tea in a huge conference centre. After that we went to our first activity with was called ” Vertical Cluster.”  It was basically 4 main stations which you had to have wear a harness and a helmet in order to have a go, you had to pass ropes, ladders and beams in order to get to the top.

After that it was afternoon tea and then the dreaded Goliath swing which was 26 metres high (8 storeys tall!!) The way it was stationed out was the name GOLIATH was written out vertically H,T,A,L,I,O, and finally G. You had to put on a harness and a helmet and then get strapped into which was basically another harness and then get pulled by your piers up 26 metres into the air, but if you didn’t want to go up all the way, you could just yell STOP!! When it was my turn I didn’t look down at all and when I had been pulled up 26 metres up into the air there was a count down. 3,2,1 and you had to pull cord which was right in front of you and when you pulled it, it you would release and swing!! It was soooo much fun and I would definitely do it again!!

After that, the sun was starting to go down and we all had to pack up and head to our cabins. But that wasn’t the end of the day! When we got back from dinner, we saw a man and a women standing waiting for us!! The people called Blake and Riley had come to teach us speed staking! After teaching us a few tricks we were ready to go out and try it for ourselves. Lea and I grabbed 12 cups and started stacking like pros. Then we started to do relay games with ended with a broken finger (Dylan)

The ambulance were called and he had to be taken to the hospital for further X-rays. The way it happened was  some cups had been laid  out into a pyramid. There were five teams so 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1. So when Blake yelled out go, we had to quickly stack them into a pyramid if you were too slow and someone got the cups before you then you were out. Dylan and his twin sister Chloe, were both after the last cups so Dylan dived into the air to grab them but landed on to his finger!! Then it was time for bed, (not that anyone was tired) Eloise, Caitlin, Bella and I could not get to sleep! But finally at about 11:45 we were sound asleep.

The next day we did team incentives which was multiple activities which we could not solve unless we worked as a team. Then we went orienteering,, what we needed was a walkie talkie, a map, a hand help paper cutter, a number card and of course a compass. We were set off into groups. I was in a group  with Chloe, Eloise, Bella, Caitlin and my mum. We had to go out around a particular area to  try to find poles which had a paper cutter. On the map it had set out the poles which you had to find and the coordinates of the poles. When you found the poles your map would tell you which number it was, so you had to get out you number card and press into the number it was.

Every now and again our tour guide Blake, would talk to us on the walkie talkie saying ” Sour watermelons, can you please tell me your exact location.” ( My group was called the sour watermelons) so we had to find out we were and report back to Blake. After that it was time to go home. So we went directly back to the bus and were driven back home. After about an hour and a quarter we were back safe and well.

I had a fantastic time thank you Mrs Quealy, Ms O’Neill, Ms Corea and the  two parents (including my mum.) For making those days a great experience!!

I learned

# That team work is always the key

# That when you are scared you should always go that little bit further.


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