Monthly Archives: April 2013

Our Assembly

On 8th March my class and I performed an assembly item about Democracy.

We all had to dress up like Greeks and roleplay how democracy first began back in Ancient Greece.  I don’t think you would like to see how that worked because it wasn’t very fair!

Our Space Model

This term in Science my class and I are learning about Earths’s place in space.  The task we had to do was to show earth’s relationship with the moon and the sun.  In groups of 2 or 3, students used a cardboard box as well as other material to build a space model of the Sun, Moon and Earth.

I was in a group of 3 with Bella and Grace.  Grace had brought in a huge cardboard box that her dad’s lawnmower came in.

We did an excellent job!

Stanwell Tops

On 25th February my class and I went to Stanwell Tops. It was an hour drive from Sydney to Stanwell Tops and by the time we got there we were all very hungry (well I certainly was!).

After morning tea my class was split into two groups: The Predators and The Stanwell Champs (I was in The Predators).

The first challenge was called River Crossing.

There were ten big fat tyres scattered everywhere and both teams each had four long pieces of wood (slightly different sizes but we didn’t figure that out until the end).

Each team had to make their way from one end of the river to the other by walking along planks of wood balancing on two tyres about two metres apart.

Of course my team won! GO PREDATORS !

The second Challenge was called the Canyon

One person started on a platform and had to swing to the other person and tap them.  That was awesome.

The next task was called The Giant swing.

Leadership Day

On 11 April Year 6 and Year 5 participated in a leadership day. It was all about how to be a real leader. After all of that the two classes got to go to the park and eat lunch. It was really fun.